Keeping your voice Authentic even when working with advertisers and sponsors

Keeping your voice Authentic even when working with advertisers and sponsors..

It’s a really important topic for today’s online entrepreneurs, music artists, and bloggers..
In fact.. Anyone branding themselves on social media need to carefully consider their audience and how the messages you put out there are received by those who trust you.

As you get to a certain level of social success and you see consistent engagement among your followers on social media, people will start reaching out to you with opportunities for you to not only get free stuff but brand partnerships that will help you monetize your social channels.

Your focus, when you consider partnering with any company or brand who wants you to give them a shout out or put out any kind of statement about their company should be authenticity.

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I’m going to give you 4 key things to think about in order to avoid the social media fall out and negativity you could get from moving forward with the wrong partner.

1) Turn down offers that don’t fit you.. 
Look for opportunities to work with companies that you believe in, use and love.  It’s really important to align yourself with companies and people that you already use and believe in. It’s ok to turn down offers, believe me there will always be more.

2) Make sure your speaking from an honest place about a reputable company and quality product. People can see through the fake plugs and you don’t want to seem like you sold out or can’t be trusted by advertising for someone or a company you don’t believe in. You’ll loose followers fast and people won’t trust you. Don’t abuse the trust after you’ve earned it.

3) Control your content: if you want to collaborate with a company to monetize your social feeds, videos or website… Be sure you negotiate complete control over the way the content is created and presented. You also want to be able to select the products that you would truly enjoy or use and create your media pieces honestly and in your own style.

Company’s often love one stop shopping where the person they partner with has a unique style of creating their own pieces. If you can do everything you normally do in house, then the collaboration will obviously be more authentic and in your style.

Most people take their own photo’s, create & edit their own videos, and write their own copy, it just makes it easier for the brand and doesn’t change what you’ve already perfected.

4) Remember to stay true to your own voice. Don’t change YOU for anyone! Remember you have made great decisions thus far that have brought you to where you are. Keep doing that and bring your partner into join you, don’t change to be more like them. That is the most authentic move you can make.

I hope today’s talk was helpful to you.

Jacqueline Jax

Host of