Knowing When To Charge For Your Time

jaxscope marketing brandingToday on I talked about knowing when to charge for what you do on social media. If your a blogger, broadcaster, podcaster, musician or public figure and you think you have a ton of social media influence that you would like to build a business around, you may want to check in with me to see how many followers it takes and the top 3 things that you should be shooting for before you start trying to charge for your services.

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I have been reviewing the best and worst Indie music websites today to help my artists get better ideas for their websites as they move into this new year. It may be time for an update.

Life of Florida Radio Host @JacquelineJax­čĺ× Indie Music Websites. Things you should have on your website.

Life of Florida Radio Host @JacquelineJax­čĺ× Cooking : Are you staying healthy in 2016? I used my magic pot to steam with almost no water. That’s why it’s magic.

Life of Florida Radio Host @JacquelineJax­čĺ× Did someone say TV? Or maybe that’s code for an update to my website.. Hummm.

Life of Florida Radio Host @JacquelineJax­čĺ× Tweets. Special thanks to my tweeples for all the love!

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