Marketing Is A Two Way Street

Marketing Is A Two Way Street

Why do people think that marketing is a one way street?

I’m always opening up my DM (direct messages) and checking my notifications in hopes of reading something fun or interesting and instead all I mostly find are auto messages instructing me to jump to follow a musician on another platform, or instructions on how to vote for them on some website that makes you signup for their email list or a mindless demand for me review music from someone I don’t even know and who didn’t take a minute to tell me anything about themselves. No story, no conversation, just a random and very anonymous one way street offer.

I understand the need for people to want to use social media to market their music and products but how does this type of marketing seem to be the main focus of todays new artist?

While some of the announcements you do on social media will involve a one way interaction (you relaying a message to fans and potential fans on your timeline or newsletter), things will really start taking off for you when you make those interactions more of a two way street.

Pressing out messages in a way that doesn’t encourage conversation or blasting things out and then shutting your ears to responses  is mindless marketing. It’s such a waste of your time.

I would rather see you blogging on your own website and using your social media page as an extension of the blog than using it to post up mindless adds. You just won’t get results and the people doing that are really just going to stay “Legends in their own minds” .

When you’re still in the growing stage, replying to the majority of your fans will help you grow a lot quickly. This is why it makes much more sense to post pieces of value to your wall that encourage conversation. Then once that conversation has begun, you can then have the opportunity to deepen that relationship by caring about them. If you care, they will stick with you and care about your projects.

You must keep doing this until your fan base gets so large that you can’t respond to everyone and at that point you can use live streams and a daily personal comment and selfie to connect and show appreciation.

It’s really important to post things that get people involved in your career. By getting your fans involved in your music career, you’re creating more loyal fans who will stick around for a lot longer. When you speak to them, you make them feel like they’re part of your journey. Because of this they’re more likely to support and share what you do.

If you didn’t reply to them however, it’d be more likely they’d become frustrated trying to talk to you, and just get off your fan base all together.

That fan will then move on to another musician who is giving them more attention and interacting with the audience.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Implement a two way dialog on your own website, in your newsletter and on your social media pages will make your pages so much more interactive and fun for people to be on more often.

Think about that next time you plan your next music marketing move.

Good luck with your marketing.
Jacqueline Jax
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