Marketing Your Music with Impact


Are you utilizing your “Behind The Music” interview to it’s full capacity?

You’ve spent a long time creating an awesome song and now your ready to market your music  but are you maximizing the value of a quality interview and press release?


Here are some awesome ways you should be using your live interviews to promote your music and build your brand for at least 2 months.


1) Promote the live interview for 1 week before the stream. Promote images, live streams talking about the upcoming song featured. Share links to purchase the song then promote the upcoming behind the music story to your current fans and new ones.


2) Create a splash page on your website talking about the upcoming live interview encouraging people to signup for email and receive the song free with a follow up to purchase the rest of the album before the story airs. Also a great time to follow up with merchandise discounts you now have available.


3) Use your DM’s on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook plus all front social feeds to to direct people to your website to signup for your email list on that splash page in exchange for a free download or to have access to a special area featuring special fan only content . ( music not yet released, photo’s from the latest photoshoot, artists journal, song lyrics pages) Make it an experience once they land that captures your audience for more than 8 seconds.


4) Do a live stream a day before to talk about the upcoming interview and plug the new album, single or video in your live stream. Include a link for the interview in comments under the video. Then share your video all over and embed it into your email newsletter with the date and time of the upcoming interview.


5) Promote the live interview link time and date in different ways starting at 8am the morning of the interview on social media.


6) Show UP for your live interview ready to roll with a focus on 1 clear call to action. (join my email list at… to get your own copy of the song today. )

7) Take the and create a youtube /facebook video using the AVA branded logo and your photo’s. Create a soundcloud version also. Then embed those into your website in different places, blog about it and send it out to your newsletter.


8) Take the video or soundcloud link and push that out as the current story in all of your followup emails for new subscribers of your website.


9) Share the playlists we have added your music to on Youtube, soundcloud and reverbnation.


10) Tag #AVALiveRadio in all of your new quality posts so we can continue to share those.


11) Prepare your next show and schedule it ahead with our office so you can get help organizing your launch next time.


Any questions???


Submit music for the show today and capture a spot in the show:



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