Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

As someone who speaks to musicians on a daily basis, I know that many have the feeling that marketing their music is going to be difficult.
This is an understandable fear; most people get in the music industry for the love of the music, and don’t think they’ll ever have to learn how to market in order for them to get their music heard.
That said, if you do want to get your music heard, marketing is a necessary part of things.
The good news though, is promoting your music doesn’t have to be hard. Pretty much all of it can be learned, and it doesn’t require a degree to put into place a solid promotion plan for your music career.
As long as you’re OPEN to learn and put the WORK in to your business, after a while marketing your music should become second nature to you. You may even start finding it fun. 🙂

The Most Important Music Marketing Is Focusing on Raising Awareness

Making amazing music isn’t enough in itself to raise awareness and get noticed by valuable people in the industry. Like anything else, you must use what you can to raise awareness.

Making your music available to people in stores and online doesn’t equal awareness nor sales. There are thousands of new songs published to streaming sites and social media pages every day. 

Anyone who’s tried this as their big play, knows that this isn’t the case. All that happens is you create a place where you can send people to hear or buy your music. It’s not the actual marketing strategy.

Having music available and letting people know about your talent are two very different things.

Awareness means that you take the music that people actually want to listen to and create a realistic plan to get the music in front of specific groups of people. Each one of those groups is your niche audience. 

New acts are coming out all the time fighting for people attention, the very best way to get the right attention is to NOT go after every. Instead go after the niche group that is more open to discovering your music. 

Great spaces where you can locate a niche audience are music blogs and forums who are tailored to the exact audience you are trying to reach.

For instance:

  1. Indie music stations such as A.V.A Live Radio who have a built in audience looking to discover NEW music in all genres. Submit your music here:
  2. Magazines that focus on featuring success stories about making music, production or how to balance a music career.A great one for this is American Pride Magazine: Pitch a story here:
  3. Announcement pages: Indie music spin is an online music publication that offers indie artists a way to press out an announcement about a new single, album or music video to both music industry, other blogs and radio stations , music fans, and influencers.
    Submit your music:
  4. Social media group pages: Facebook and linkedin both have groups you can join that allow you to post music of specific genres to people who enjoy that particular style.
    Here are 2 indie music groups you will enjoy:
  5. Twitter and Instagram offer hashtags that you can use to seek out people who may enjoy what you have. Look in the comments of more active artists for musicians fans and join in the conversation. Do not spam your links, just contribute to the conversation so people can see you.
    You can also use the most applicable hashtags in your own posts to bring your content into that feed.
    Some hashtags you may find helpful: 
    #songwriterslife #songwriting #unsigned #unsignedartist #musician #music #musicians #newmusic #indiemusic #indieartist #indieartists #newalbum #newartist  #musicphotography #musicproduction #producer
Good luck with your marketing. I do have a contact page should you be lost and need to book an appointment to get your marketing strategy in gear. :


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