Mastering Success Like a Boss

Making excuses for failure screams to the world that you know your not good enough to get the job done but your ego need someone else to blame… Do you really want to go down like that? Fight.. work harder.. no more excuses.

If your feeling like the chips are stacked up against you, take comfort in knowing that the struggle you’re experiencing today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

Your dream does not have an expiration date nor a time limit on achievement so take a deep breathe and start again tomorrow.

No matter how tough times are, wake up and remember that your alive. Your breathing and with every new day something better is on it’s way. Be grateful for what you do have so you can start breeding your own positive energy.

Mastering your craft doesn’t come from sitting back on a couch somewhere watching netflix nor does it come from brainstorming ideas for next years projects.

Becoming a master of anything takes hard work and a dedicated journey filled with lessons learned from putting out fires, jumping over hurdles and pushing your upper limits almost daily.

You can’t magically arrive at mastering your craft, you can’t fake it and luck has nothing to do with this one.

There are certain common progressions that happen among people who can reach this level of expertise in their skills and those are commonly expressed on just about every social media page out there.

Here are my favorites:


 1. Stay open to learning:

You need to be in the mindset that you can learn from everyone and everything. If you close off to that process and think you know it all, your not only showing your ignorance and immaturity your setting yourself up for failure. Plus everyone who knows the difference will drop you like a hot potato pancake just for being stupid so try not to voice that attitude publicly before you can take the necessary steps to change it.

 2. Find a mentor who matters

Listen to feedback and seek opinions from qualified experts:
Either make friends with people who are killing it in your field or hire a mentor who specializes in what you need to learn, you will get tremendous value from a professionals opinion about your brand and direction. Why struggle when you can learn from experience and fast track yourself through a few of those hurdles that can avoided. A realistic view of what you’ve done so far and what you need yet to accomplish typically can only come from someone qualified with a fresh perspective so think about making this an important step in every month that you review our progress and streaky for next direction.


3.Small steps lead to big rewards:

Take baby steps so things can get accomplished towards the big steps. We all have to start somewhere and thinking that every move you make is a huge step can be intimating and unrealistic. Remember to acknowledge each baby step you take and know that every movement forward even if it doesn’t work out is helping you to map out your road.

Sometimes those small steps may feel unproductive because perhaps you weren’t your best or you just started.  Just like making video or lives teaming for the first time, you’re going to suck before you perfect it and become amazing at it. The point is you must start somewhere and you can’t do that until you start. So just start. Take a small step forward today. Learn from it and do better tomorrow. or


4.Don’t slow down but find your pace :

It’s important that you push yourself to make things happen each day but you don’t want to suffer from burn out so I always suggest that you figure out what kind of level you are comfortable with and try to be consistent with that. It’s ok to add more on days that feel right but as long as your working steadily towards your goal, it won’t burn you out. Keeping that stress level down is a key factor in handling everything that you’ll be bringing into your life in order to achieve something great.

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