Music marketing how to use social media to get more exposure

Music marketing is a tricky place today. You have to stay innovative and have a focused strategy to make each channel work for you.

What to do if facebook isn’t working for you right now?

Keep moving. Set up your Facebook page with some great posts that best represent you and move to group pages where the action is happening right now.

Twitter and instagram may be your best fit for marketing your music at this time as well as they are still very open to linking music.

In this video I’m giving you some essential perspectives for staying ahead of the curve in 2017 and 2018. We don’t know everything that is ahead so be proactive and set up your website and blog today.

Also set up an email list so you can start working smart.

I also showed you how to make an easy press release that can become timeless content on your website.

Enjoy the video..

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