Music Marketing Insider Tips to Prepare you for the Social Media Boom Ahead

3 to 5 billion people are about to join social media in the next 4 years. between now and 2020 so a social boom is about to happen dramatically increasing online sales and it’s not too late to perfect your music marketing plan. I’m helping musicians every day to take advantage of this through my music marketing insider program. If you want to get on board with me go to and sign up I’ll send you an email on how it’s being done.

Tips: Something you can do today is update your profile with a piece of content and then go interact for five minutes within that community. It can be on twitter, facebook, instagram all three. Even if you just post a quote and make a comment about what that means to you at least you’re updating your profile with something interesting and making a personal effort.

Today on the Music marketing insider I gave you guys some awesome examples to kick off your social media posting for Monday including fresh hashtags and tips on how you can improve your engagement.

Tonight I’ll be filming another marketing video live on periscope for YouTube talk about how to improve your music sales during the holidays. Until then I’ll See you on Twitter and I’ll be back again tonight after the show.. tune into New music Monday at Ava live radio.

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