Music Marketing Instagram Hacks for Creating a Killer Feed

Bring it on! More engagement, build your audience, discover new people and make friends. Instagram is the place where you do all that and more. It’s also a place where you can build a very solid and strong brand over time. But you have to use the tools they give you to do it effectively.

Despite there being over 500 million Instagram accounts, there are plenty of simple hacks that you can follow to ensure you’re creating a feed people will want to follow on first site.

You don’t need a fancy camera, just a phone with an awesome camera and a few handy editing apps. Here are some awesome hacks you can use to improve your feed.



– Post Unique Content

Well that’s a no brainer, but actually often over looked. 

We hear this over-and-over again in the social media marketing world: post unique content but if you don’t stand out, then your account won’t build quickly.

Sometimes it takes just a little extra effort on the strategy side of things to make a huge impact.

Instead of sharing another view of what you had for lunch, maybe you could save that for the Instagram stories section and keep the carefully curated brand building content for your focused feed.

Finding a way to stand-out really is essential in order to gain followers, and increase the amount of likes and comments on your Instagram posts. It’s easy to get into the routine of uploading snaps of your morning coffee or your outfits of the day – so think outside the box, and find a way to switch it up.

Look at your feed and see what kind of content you post and then see how you can make it look more organized and intriguing.



Don’t just post the same thing. Variety is important. Get out the door and find new backdrops for your pictures. Team up with a friend and spend a weekend taking some fresh photo’s that you can mix in with daily content to create something special.

This time of year, there’s all kinds of festivals and events to keep things interesting.


Pick a Theme or Color Palette

If you are playing with theme filters then try to assign a filter to different posting styles.

For instance, you may want to use 1 filter consistently for selfies, then another for video, and a third filter for action shots.

I’ve even seen people just use one dramatic filter for everything and it really makes all the images work together. Just a simple hack but it works.

The most successful Instagram influencers I’ve seen take curating their feeds very seriously. It’s all about the overall look and feel of the content.

They are extremely aware of their brand as an influencer and treat their instagram page as a clear extension of their brand and message.



Clear content

Remember people are typically on their cell phones so make sure your images are in focus and bright enough to be clear in those tiny viewing screens.

Photo editing apps can help you tweak the brightness of your images but they can really fix grainy and out of focus so learn to take better pictures and take enough to have a good selection when your ready to post.

A window, going outside or using a lighting setup attached directly to your phone makes a huge difference in turning your cell phone into a  picture taking monster.


Get Your Face Out There

Images of your face have proven to increase post engagement on Instagram by 38%. That factor is also enhanced with a smile.

That means that potential followers are more likely to throw you some likes and a follow when you’re looking at the camera with a happy expression on your face. If you’re not a top model or building a music brand, keep the vogue-inspired posts to a minimum and try to incorporate some smiles into your feed.

Just be careful with the skin feather apps, they can really make your images look blurred and over-edited. Use them sparingly and only to fix something you couldn’t just retake or pass on.


Keep shining bright!


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