3 Things Every Music Promoter Should Be Doing

3 Things Every Music Promoter Should Be Doing

1. Keeping social media stats: You need impressive social stats to bring in opportunities to music artists. Tracking monthly social stats help you define how your doing and allow you to set realistic goals for the future. It also gives you a sheet to present to companies, venues, and other opportunities. Use Reverbnation to help track social pages.

2. Improve your knowledge of how to use the social pages, Optimize your music videos and website so you can both instruct the band and also include that in your services to the music artists. You may even want to create a posting schedule for them and encourage them with reminders to stick to it.

3. Reach out to people every day to collaborate with your artists to improve their reach, build social spins around projects and look for branding opportunities. Apply to festivals, look for brand placement or commercials and voice over jobs. Start cultivating relationships with film and since licensing companies to both improve your reach and the bands that you represent.

Wishing you a very successful year!

Original Question: Boulent Mustafa :
I was wondering if you can provide any tips for music promoters like myself. Right now I do these things..
1) Reviews both on my own blog and also other music blogs/websites
2) Music promotion via Facebook and twitter, this includes my two twitter accounts and my FB group plus I am also affiliated with Music Crowns.
3) Submission of music to Internet radio stations.

I also try new things from time to time for example services provided by Fiverr. Thanks for your time and looking forward to your reply.
Best Regards, Boulent

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