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Now is the perfect time to build a lasting music career that supports you...

Are you ready to learn how to make money?

Get inside with me and start learning how you can start making money TODAY. I have so much to tell you.

Cutting edge strategy for musicians.

Here's what you will get....

Strategy to achieve financial goals that are very attainable and that Jacqueline has made work for her own music brand.

Start making a living today with your first 1,000 super fans.

Setting Goals that make sense..

- Social media strategy

- Evaluation of your music brand

- Mentoring advise on what your strategy should be for your career

Why guess when you could be working with a knowledgable mentor. 

Success can be yours...

I can't wait to get started!! Are you ready to kill it!!!

Feedback speaks...

She is the real deal 

“The one and only Jacqueline Jax and A.V.A Live Radio is the real deal when it comes to music media. She knows her stuff and she really cares about the Artists and the music. Thanks a million Jacqueline for all theat you do. You Rock!! Dom Mar KZ

Sound Position

The Best Team Member I Have Ever Had...

”I believe Jacqueline really cares. And that, more than anything is what brought me to investigate Jacqueline Jax and what she does for indie artists. The simple reality is she listens to indie music artists and can relate to what we are going through. She's a musician herself and provides an atmosphere of love and respect. Jacqueline teaches  some unique and attainable marketing ideas  that I have already used and love everything she recommends.! Great experience all the way around for me. I’m glad we met and I plan to stay connected to this amazing and generous community!"  -

Jacqueline has really made a difference in my career...

"The amazing thing is ... a wealth of information, a passion from Jacqueline Jax who is a indie artist as well as a marketing expert. She offers tools and insight to help you market, brand and maximize the use of the different social media outlets. It’s about learning what's important, growth, networking, support and a hands on approach that the artist and their team can utilize to make it to the next level. I’m sold on her methods."

David McLorren

Don't Fear the Future! Deliver that Wow-Factor to your fans that will keep them coming back to buy from you!

As a Music Artist, you have the power to build a huge Music Brand that inspires others!

Create a passive income from your music with customized advise.

Are you ready to turn your passion into a career?

"Jacqueline is the go to guru for all things music...

"The wealth of knowledge she has about marketing your music in an ever changing industry is invaluable! If you want to brand yourself and your music in the online space, then Jacqueline is who you need!"

Tracy Timberlake

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