New 2016 Facebook and Instagram Social Media Engagement Rules and Tips

Are you ready for some awesome ‪‎social media‬ engagement tips that will save you time and money on your Facebook and Instagram page?

I’ve been diving deep into analyzing the recent changes to Facebook and Instagram and how we can use those to improve connectivity and engagement on the apps as well as the differences between the two.

First, where facebook can offer a broader scope of content, Instagram works best when you create featured accounts that serve your followers more specifically. For instance, I have juts recently created a New Instagram account that focuses only on vocal and performance tips for musicians. It really helps people find just what they are looking for or following you for so they don’t have to poor over 40 posts to find those specific pieces of content. That one major difference between the way instagram and facebook users like their content served. With that in mind, it never hurts for you to create more specific public pages on facebook as well, just keep in mind that you have to work your posts more often on facebook so it’s more time consuming and video is king on the facebook app right now.

Speaking of video, let me remind you that it’s everywhere. It’s available on instragram in 1 minute increments and on facebook for as long as your phone battery and connection will last. lol.. On facebook, it takes priority in the timeline for sure and improves engagement with your audience by 200% over regular posts. I was recently able to test that out on both our and  .. The reach has been huge so far with some video’s gaining about 100 new views organically each day.

Hashtags are still huge on instagram but are getting over used so be careful to choose yours wisely and specifically.

Instagram is all about quality of posts and interactivity on the app. Meaning that you should definitely spend the most of your time visiting your followers and interacting with their pages.  It’s also a great idea to use the search tool to populate discover followers that may enjoy what you have to offer.

Over all, remember that if someone takes the time to comment on your facebook or instagram pages, you must make it your priority to reply to them. That is your opportunity to make an impact on your audience. After all, if they take the time to visit you and reach out, that means they are interested in you and what you have to offer. Give that to them, offer value, be authentic, don’t spam them with adds or calls to action and make an effort to discover who your talking to.

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Jacqueline Jax

Host of and Entertainment Branding Specialist