Planning your Music Release and making more sales online

The value of lengthy pre-sales

Surprise releases:

While they may currently seem to be in fashion, surprise releases only usually works for the biggest names in the music industry, so unless you’re Beyoncé, don’t even try this route.

It’s also worth mentioning that while many popular artists have started leaving only a few weeks (or even less time) between a new album’s announcement until it’s actually released, that’s probably not an advantageous idea for someone working their way up.

The longer fans have to order your new album, the better you’ll make out. If you only allow a few days of presales, people may forget, they might not get the message (no matter how much you share and reshare on social media), or they may decide to wait until the day it’s actually out… only to forget when the time arrives because they aren’t on your email list.

Remind people frequently, and in tactful ways, that your album is up for presale and that they should order it ASAP!


You can offer something to those who purchase early, such as a track from the record before it’s out given at purchase or possibly discounts on tickets or merch, but make sure you’re still making the money you need.


Simple math is :

say you spent  5,000 producing the album

How many albums do you need to sell at what price to break even?

1,000 x 5 pre-sale = 5,000

500 x 10 pre-sale = 5,000

335 x 14.95 = 5,000


Now let’s look at setting up a music career:

Then imagine if you worked to sell 750 albums x 14.95 = 11,200

2 album sales a day for a year.


Doesn’t include merchandise such as tee shirts, vinyl records which cost more to produce but also bring in a lot more money and a fairly dedicated buyer.

But of coarse we are looking to start our year out shooting for 100,000

Sales of $280 a day all year

18 album sales at 14.95 per day

Timing your release right

To encourage your chances of reaching a chart you must plan the right release date. Releasing your album on the wrong date effects more than you realize.

The charting frame is from Friday at midnight EST until the end of the following Thursday. Any purchases or streams outside of that time frame will count towards a different week, and since you’re looking to accrue as much attention as possible in the first seven days, be smart about when you make the music available!

Amp up the promotions with some social banners, live streams and recording pics and clicks or behind the music promotions. A newsletter video message can rally your followers the day before and again hours before you launch.

The point of creating a week of advertising on the release is to gain momentum, get new subscribers and use the release to get the most attention on your as possible.

Hit radio interviews and article press releases heavily in the first week of promotion to maximize the energy directing all traffic to one streaming location. I also recommend that you create a page on your website where people can stream, purchase and subscribe. This way your capturing the attention of your audience in a less competitive space.

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