Podcasting vs Video What’s the difference and Which one is better

Podcasting vs Video What’s the difference and Which one is better.

I know it can be very confusing to figure out what you should be doing to get your content out there and become part of this awesome time when people are building massive followings from their skills and knowledge. But what do you choose and why?


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Today your going to take a look at the differences and gain from my years of experience in this field.

Podcasts allow you to do other things while listening to them and YouTube is more of a visual of what’s going on.

YouTube also allows for discussion in the comment section and feels much more interactive.

Podcasts tend to get more regular listeners depending on your content

Podcast listeners tend to be more passive while youtube viewers are more active

Both have the ability for Binge watching or listening.

Both require a targeted niche audience

Which is best?

Depending on your audience or your content.

An audible version of your story is really important. You should also have copies of all of your interviews integrated into your own podcast. This can be embedded into your website and be supplemental content that fans can consume to dig deeper into your world and work.

Video is important to building your fan base. All musicians should be live streaming and creating video regularly for facebook, periscope and youtube.


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Movie makers:
This is a very visual field but when I work with Movie creators to market their work, I have found that developing their own podcast channel is helpful to not only house the interviews they do over the year to promote the movies but also to pull directors commentary and interviews with the film actors into the promotions. It’s important to have audio content available on your website and circulating to promote your projects. This can be as simple as a 5-10 minute micro-chat diary of the project to a full on play by play of how the film is being made.

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It’s  given that you are a producer of audio but you should also re-purpose your content to other platforms such as youtube and facebook to improve the reach of your projects. I also recommend that podcasters document their process on youtube and facebook for additional advertising.

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