Power Up Your Facebook Reach with Insider Tips

Power Up Your Facebook Reach with Insider Tips

Are you ready to finally start seeing results with your social media marketing campaigns?

We’ve been running new tests all month against the Facebook algorithm and I’m already seeing huge results even from the first day following the strategy for building your music brand on Facebook.

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Building a successful Facebook page can be tricky because of all of the algorithmic changes that are happening daily in the space. Facebook has a priority to maintain high levels of entertainment and value for their precious population. They use an algorithm to calculate results, evaluate engagement and populate the news feeds that we all see.

That’s why it’s always changing.
Facebook is trying to be a one stop shop for everything on the platform. So to do this well, they try to identify what you really want to see in your newsfeed each day.It does take into consideration what you have previously reacted too.

That information is used to populate your newsfeed and ultimately determines what you will see each day as a user and community member of the Facebook app.

There is of coarse a lot more to the algorithm but I think if you understand how they are judging what they show you, then it definitely explains any reach issues that you are having with your public page posting.

You may also be feeling frustrated by the lack of reach on everything you post but with billions of people at your fingertips, you don’t want to give up on this amazing opportunity to build your music brand.


I say music brand because that’s really what social media does. There’s a difference between building your brand and building your business.

Some of you will only be looking to build your brand at this point in time. That means you’re looking to get exposure, find people who will enjoy your music, and try to nurture those relationships.

The goal in building a brand of course is to achieve brand recognition and build community through your brand message.


 Business structure
Don’t get me wrong, if you want to create a business around your music, you should always have a music business structure in place while you’re building your brand because the actions that you’re taking now always have a chance of making you sales.

I understand that when people first meet you, sales are not a typical result. That’s just the way it has always been.

We decide on purchases 1st by necessity, 2nd by lust and 3rd by credibility You can’t expect to establish all 3 of those things upon first meeting a stranger. It comes with consistency, proof of value and power of influence.


Now doesn’t that change your perspective and view on your daily activities??


As a musician, I have seen many new music fans message me to purchase music and merchandise but there’s no real way of knowing how long they have been following me before introducing themselves to me.

Further, I typically find that it makes no sense going after the sale that’s not yours to have. It’s way to much work and ultimately makes you feel sad because they just aren’t interested.


So you really want to keep all of your social media posting aimed at building your brand and just make it easy for people to find and purchase what you have. This way you don’t have to become a sales man and you won’t be bugging people.


Just recently I planned a fund raising concert for my favorite and most dedicated fans to support my music by purchasing a ticket. I was able to reach my goal in 1 day because I knew exactly which email list to send it to and I already had a set amount of people who I knew wanted to see new music from me.

I was able to accomplish this not because I direct mailed and bugged people into buying a ticket. In fact, most people had no idea it happened until it was already sold out. Just my inner circle was notified and 1 announcement on social media.

Now I’m not saying you should be expected to be at that point yet, I’m just saying that you must know who your core audience and supporters are and not waste time going after the sale that’s not yours to have.

As long as your music and available merchandise is easily available, when people want and are ready to support you, they will. Just be consistent about telling your story and talking about what your projects are to keep building your community. It takes time, patience and a great infra-structure.


— The rule in sales is that if you can’t establish the value to the buyer, you
will not get the sale.

— If your not making sales, then YOU are failing to demonstrate credibility, your product probably needs to improve and your not reaching your ideal audience.


 When I say music business structure, this is the list of what you will need .

  1. An e-commerce website where you can sell your music and merchandise and talk about your projects.
  2. An email newsletter with easy ways for new people to subscribe
  3. A distribution and advertising strategy for pushing out your music, products, and generating income.
  4. A fulfillment plan to make sure that all orders are completed quickly and consistently.

These are just very basic things and I will certainly be expanding on each of these as we go along. For right now make sure that you have them in place and keep following along with my newsletter .


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Have a great weekend.

Jacqueline Jax
Entertainment branding specialist
Host of A.V.A Live Radio



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