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Todays Strategy : Promoting your video like a pro with Jacqueline Jax

When was the last time you really looked forward to the release of a new movie, TV show or music video?

Let’s look at the hype behind a popular video series like ‘Game of Thrown’s or anything coming out from ‘The Rock’ or how about ‘Taylor Swifts’ recent record shattering Music Video Launch.

Am I striking a relatable chord here?

Did you get pulled into any trailers, behind-the-scenes interviews on youtube, listen to radio podcast interviews or head to their social media pages for any info you could find on an event you were anxiously awaiting?  Did you count down the days until it premiered? When it finally came out, how did you feel? Did you want more?

This is why I love to encourage my clients to build anticipation through creative content production and distribution prior to any release.

It’s unfortunate that many fail to include this step in their promotional plan leaving them feeling let down by the lack of traction they see after putting so much work into a video.


Taylor Swift Shattered Records With Her New Music Video “ME” this past week which just solidified my already tested theory that committing to a ‘Pre-release video hype strategy’ is essential to the successful launch of any video. 

If you’ve turned on the radio in the weeks prior to her release, then you’ve probably heard Taylor Swift’s new single “ME!” bumping through the airwaves.

Over the weekend, YouTube confirmed that the “ME!” music video smashed the records for both most-viewed visual from a solo artist in history and the most-viewed visual from a female artist in history.

Now, what if you could get viewers to feel the same sort of excitement for your new YouTube videos?

That’s why I’m chillin’ with you here on my website today.

I want you to start getting excited about your Pre-release video hype strategy before you upload. That’s going to help you generate as much hype around your upcoming video as you can before it actually releases. 


As an up-and-coming artist, here are a few things you can learn from the success of Taylor Swift’s “ME!”.

1. Countdown:
Before your video is released, starting a countdown will get your fans excited and keeps their eyes on you.

In the days leading up to the music video’s release, Taylor kept her lips sealed about what her big announcement was. However let me point out that, her fans are now so used to every announcement being so big that she didn’t need to tell her fans exactly what she was releasing to capture their attention.

Leading up to the announcement, Taylor shared a daily countdown on her Instagram story.

The countdown got her fans asking questions, but it also got them excited for what was to come. Many of them shared the countdown on their own Instagram stories.

I especially love that every time she has something new to release, there’s always a dramatic color theme change to all of her internet activity. With “Me’ everything changed to reflect the color palette and theme from the upcoming video. This aligns across merchandise as well boosting sales so fans can be assured that they are sporting the latest Taylor Gear… As not to be mistaken for the older released tees and merch. (which were again designed to turn the world ‘RED’)

Taylor’s mysterious countdown didn’t exist solely on her Instagram story. On the front side of Instagram, she shared pictures that her followers didn’t know were from the upcoming music video but that gave some awesome clues to start setting the visual scene of the new looks and feel of what was coming up.

The HYPE..

Teasing new videos generate more hype. This is especially great if you have released one video already because you now starting to show consistency and that get’s people attention.

Utilize the YouTube Premieres feature.

Build excitement for your next video directly on YouTube using the Premieres feature. Instead of uploading your video as you normally would, set it as “scheduled” rather than “public.” Then, after your video finishes processing, click “Premiere.”

The Premieres feature automatically creates a public watch page for your video, where you can chat with your viewers. You can even monetize your Premiere by enabling Super Chat once you have the required amount of followers on your channel.

Premieres is a relatively new feature not many people are utilizing to its fullest. If you want to learn more about using the Premieres feature, be sure to google it or search for videos on youtube. There are tons of walk throughs explaining the feature and how it works.

Even if you didn’t get a chance to do this on your latest video, start learning about it for next time.

Why using the Premier feature can boost your video views and exposure…

Taylor didn’t just upload her video and hope for the best. For the first time, she used YouTube Premieres so that she could hang out with her fans in real time before the video dropped.

“ME!” was scheduled to premiere at midnight, so Taylor spent the hour before that answering fan questions on her YouTube Premiere page. This helped her get more views as soon as the video went live and made it a more memorable experience for her audience.

Consider scheduling your next music video as a YouTube Premiere. Be sure to tell your fans well in advance so they can make plans to be there for your online premiere party and make this the highlight of all your social media content and newsletter promotion.

Will Premiere work for you?

This is a great idea if you have at least 100 people who are Super fans of your music or content and you feel that you can inspire at least 25% of them to hang with you for the video launch. The experience you are creating should be fun and memorable for your avid fans to enjoy. After all, creating fun fan experiences is the key to your success.

As a result of some fun yet clever  little interactive marketing tweeks, Taylor Swift is back at the top of the music industry with her latest single “ME!”.

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Pre-release video hype strategy just for your New Video promotions:

Other fun Ideas for promoting:

Tease, tease, tease!
Generating hype for your new video requires generating interest. Think of your teaser material as the behind-the-scenes exclusives from a movie set. What can you share with viewers that will get them talking without giving away too much?

For example, you could tweet something shocking related to your video, keeping it vague the way Jeffree Star did before uploading a video about a burglary.

Or start doing live streams or stories from the set as you make the video. Everything is interesting when it’s a Behind the scenes glance.

Create a trailer.
Give your upcoming video the full Hollywood treatment by creating a trailer for it and releasing that at least a week in advance. This could be small segments from the footage you already have edited together. Keep it short, simple and shocking.

You could also grab some B roll during shooting and jump on camera for some quick 1 minute commentary, then save those to drip out the week before the video. 

If you don’t want to upload the trailer to your channel, you can put it on Instagram or Twitter but I love the idea of uploading it on your youtube channel and then tagging it so people who watch one can view them both.

Youtube viewers love to binge watch stuff, so make sure you have lots of great video content on your channel to gain more views from every person who discovers you.

Then additionally post them to tweets as those are so easily shareable, tweeting your channel trailer will likely help you reach the most potential viewers.


Following up your launch with a performance that stays on brand..

Taylor Swift pulled out all the stops for the first live performance of her new single, “ME!” with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco. It was at the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night (May 1) and featured a pastel-covered marching band and channeled the kind of epic bright aesthetic that she’s known for. I hope you like bright colors because there are a lot here.

Did you like this Pre-release video hype strategy? 

This is just one of the many amazing ways I like to build anticipation as a new video gets released.

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