Promoting your Patreon Page to fund your Album at Private Gigs

Fund raising ideas using Patreon and home parties.. 

Many of you are in the position of being able to play house parties. You don’t realize how lucky that situation is for your music career and the growth of your album fund.


You should have a patreon page set up for your host and guests to contribute support to your album fund. You can get paid directly for the party but make sure they are aware of your album fund in your conversations and promote it when you speak to people. Make the vision of your future album part of your story telling, then play a sample of something coming up from the album.

You would be surprised that if you include it in your newsletter and keep in touch with your clients through email as well as in person, those relationships will build.


You’ll get other bookings from each home party you do that makes an impact and you will probably end up with a larger donation from the host and their guests. Especially if you make a promo card that shows your excitement for your upcoming project and gives them an easy link to find the patreon page, plus your contact info to book you for a gig.


Also make sure that it’s known that every gig and contribution is going in support of your album production and marketing for your career.  

You only need 25 people to contribute a solid donation to kick start your dream.. It’s an ideal situation so use it to your advantage.

Enjoy your time with people, small audiences are a blessing. They care, listen and get involved with your music and stories. It’s a captive audience and just by being in the moment, you will find the support you need.


Once your funded, reach out to me to start promoting your career through our network and team. 🙂

Jacqueline Jax



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