Pros To Writing Short Blog Posts vs Long Form Entries for your Website

When your sitting down to create an update for your newsletter or website it can be difficult to decide how long your piece should be and how much information you want to include in one piece of content. This applies to video content creation as well. There are pros and cons to focusing your information over a series of pieces rather than spending a long time pressing out one long story. Here’s the breakdown of advantages to creating short entries versus long form written and video pieces for your followers.

Pros of breaking up the content into a series can be beneficial because…

  1. Depending on the content, short posts are easier for you to get done
  2. Unless your a very gifted writer, you may have more impact on your readers by keeping it short
  3. Sometimes shorter pieces with a defined purpose can have more impact on your readers.
  4. Short posts don’t drain you of all your ideas at once
  5. You will have more targeted focused content to deliver
  6. SEO has a chance to rank your post more directly due to focused keywords in the content
  7. Search engines tend to like lots of internal links from one page to another among the content
  8. A series of posts can take your readers on a journey and build anticipation that encourages subscribers
  9. A series can be like a short coarse or event for your readers attracting subscribers
  10. Your affiliate income CPM can increase since more adds can be placed on the pages but if this is a video and people bounce quickly, it could hurt your stats and ratings.


Pros to writing a long posts…

  1. The reader gets all the information in one post so they don’t have to wait
  2. It can be less annoying for the reader to have less posts to click
  3. Long posts get more shares because they tend to be more powerful
  4. If the content is amazing, you could keep the reader/watcher on your website for a long time. That’s great for your stats and the entertainment of your following.
  5. They rank better in google SEO when they are more than 500 words
  6. If your content digs deep and offers a huge value, you may want to turn it into a paid ebook, online coarse or pdf

Bonus tip:
I check my stats weekly and monthly to see how my content performs on my own domain, newsletters and also on social media. I think it depends on what your end goal is. If subscribers are the goal then defining what your offering in exchange for an email address is important to do both on an off your website. You must determine what your short and long term goals are and then shape your content to get there. Calls to action are important to getting results.

Of coarse, the decisions that I make for my own posts, videos and newsletters are influenced by you. If you subscribe, share and comment then I know to keep creating more of what you like and appreciate most. I believe in letting my subscribers shape the content. To me your voice is the best guidance.

Thanks for being here. More great posts to come!


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