Recent Changes to the Facebook Video Algorithm That Effect Your Ranking

That’s right big changes are here, don’t be left behind.
I’VE BEEN WARNING everyone that all things change and it’s important to work from your own website first and use the social media tools to drive traffic in when you can. I am urging you once again to get on Facebook’s live stream now while you can still grab easy attention to build your brand.

There is a change in the facebook algorythm this week that will start to effect the amazing free results you’ve been able to get with Video and Live Streams. I anticipate that you will only have about 3 more months (maybe less) before another major change starts to take into effect.

Facebook Algorythm changes on video & Live streams:

The first change rolled out late this past week encrouaging brands and users to create more compelling content. All video’s live or uploaded to facebook will be measured on the “Percentage completed”
(or viewed all the way through). This huge change effects the ranking for videos and how they will be exposed to the facebook population including your own subscribers. This is a very similar ranking system that Youtube uses. Also in order to combat fake news, the social network’s guiding algorithm now includes signals that identify and rank authentic content to predict posts that might be more relevant to users.  

It’s time to get on your video game. Something to consider.. Although you must give people time to jump into your live video, you may want to make sure that your content offers high value right up front and is planned in way that produces a more powerful impact that may encourage people to watch more of your videos instead of shutting down the one video early and jumping off your page.

Telling a compelling story is really important so producing quality is the key to success. Of course live streaming concerts are different as people tend to stay on those, especially when pre-advertised. But if you want to do short in the moment live streams, I recommend Instagram stories for those instead of facebook.

How long should your videos be?

The value is in the message and quality of entertainment so it needs to be as short or as long as it takes to tell the story. Longer videos that people spend time watching will see a slight increase in distribution where one’s that people don’t want to watch will of coarse see a dip in performance.

Keep an eye on your public page insight analytics to understand how your videos are performing for you.

Think about using the playlist creator in the “Video” section of your public page to organize your videos into content playlists and additionally have a Most Popular video playlist right at the top.

Also think about cleaning up (delete) any old videos that aren’t quality content or things that you would not consider re-sharing to your page so that no video is played that doesn’t offer value, isn’t a builder of your brand or may be too long with a ton of lag time. You can always do the topic video over again now that you’ve become better at it and have an understanding of what the facebook algorithm is looking for.


CURRENTLY AT 4.5K views and climbing.. 

Find your stats by logging into your public page and clicking:

Insights… Videos.. Then click on a particular video… 
You will then see about 7 options to view more detailed stats. Go through each one carefully to identify helpful things like how long people watched that video, if the sound was on or it was just scanned on passing for 10 sec or less and how many people clicked to see it.


This is all helpful information that may give you better insights into how video is performing for you now and it can perform for you in the future by adding value.


I’ve just started pushing out a few different series that I’m experimenting with that may give you ideas. I will be moving them around from facebook to youtube over the next few months until they find a home but you can watch the progress.


1) #ASKJAX- answers to your Q&A’s  :

2) #JAXDAILY : the video partner to my most popular blog posts at  including in the studio and behind the scenes content . or

3) #AVALIVESTREAM : Live streaming interviews with artists and entreprenures about their careers, songwriting, inspiration and creation. &


Get to work on getting your facebook video’s organized and write down some plans for your video future. The time is now!!

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