Setting Aside Time For Yourself

Jacqueline jax inspirationSet aside quiet time every day for yourself. Don’t let stress be your silent killer. People and things will add stress to your life but its important to take those time outs to find your balance and decompress. Sometimes when everything races forward and life keeps moving we need those little time outs to gain clarity and focus on whats most important. Its a crucial step towards good health and happiness.

quiet inspirationI talked about this on periscope tonight with my fellow scopers and we all agreed that taking that time for ourselves each day is so important. For some it means getting up at 4am before the kids rise, for some its a quiet place to park on the way home for work. Most broadcasters and creatives that i know have their own space where they go to gather their thoughts, relax, write, sing, draw, paint, design or just plan their day. When was the last time you took time out for yourself? – JAX

 The book I was reading from tonight on #periscope : “Don’t Sweat the small stuff” –

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