The Biggest Social Media Trend of 2017

Social media never stops changing. Just as you start to gain traction on a particular page, it seems like an algorithm changes and you are left scratching your head. 2017 has already seen many new huge updates from Instagram Stories to Facebook Live and all those little tweaks in between.  With all of these growth busting competitive tools, the real important question you should be asking is..


Which trends are on the rise?

To keep their accounts on the cutting edge of online branding and marketing, the answer is simple.



is the key trend that everyone will be forced to observe and execute this year if you are going to be successful in building a  business. Forget B2B marketing, it’s all about H2H (human-to-human) marketing now.


I’m not going to say that it will be an easy trend to master but if you know how to tell a great story and like people, then social media is going to be you favorite game.


Live streaming tools have rolled out on every platform

(Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and all organic reach is focused around using the video to strike up a conversation with your audience both old and new followers. The live and vlog style video element adds a new level of authenticity to your voice  and allows you to push your brand forward more quickly.  Video captures the attention of an audience and brings the view much closer to their favorite personalities than ever before.


Documenting the daily process of creation and story telling

has already started to take root replacing yesterdays advertising and marketing strategies and those who don’t engage will be left out in the cold.

Get those phones out and start streaming your moves, it’s time to become an entertainer. 


Other trends that are hot:

  • Short 30- 60 second video messages without sound.
  • Learning anything through video
  • Virtual immersive reality experiences
  • Some of the hot multi conversational apps include the recently released Snapchat Groups, Kik Group Video, and of course, the rapidly growing video chat app Houseparty.


“2017 is a time for the big social media platforms to stay really big – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and we’ll be seeing how they adopt a lot of the features that the more niche apps and social platforms have specialized in.” – Special Report: The changing role of social media via @6abc

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