The Future is Bright for The Indie Artists of this Generation

The future is bright for the Indie Artists of this Generation. Years ago you would have to agree to give away large pieces of your career in order to have one. The cost of producing music was sky high and availability to production and marketing tools just didn’t exist like the artists of our generation has today.

I’m seeing a defined electronic business model emerge which today’s Indie Music Artists can reach for and achieve just by aligning themselves with the right mentor to guide them through.  Of coarse anything having takes work, but I believe in working smart and putting my money into education and tools that help me do things better and faster.

It’s a digital era and people no longer fear purchasing online. In fact, it’s become a preferred method of convenience that feeds our “Must have it now” mentality. Artists all over the world can have a huge piece of this multi-billion dollar pie if they are willing to learn the DIY business principles for music marketing on social media.

Sure, the digital download sales have declined due to the easy access a cell phone gives us to streaming music for free however smart musicians are learning how innovation is the key to success as long as you know how to adjust and put a solid plan in place.

I’m very excited about the future of music because for the first time, I’m seeing the artists have more power over their futures and their careers. It’s wonderful to live a life that matters to you and even better if that career inspires others by changing lives. Music can do that. Artists have this amazing ability to change a room and become major influencers of our society.

With a simple cell phone and a computer any artist who has a clear point of view, an ear for quality, an eye for creativity and the gift of lyrical expression can master their craft and have full control over their future.

I have always said that if you are willing to work hard, be consistent and you are open to receiving knowledge you can thrive and become very successful in what you want to do. We live in a time when dreams are achievable and I’m building a platform to help my fellow musicians light the way to a bright future.

We’ve already started, get on board with us today. It all starts here!

I can’t wait to see you join our music community and take that first step forward towards a brighter future.

Jacqueline Jax
Host of
Music journalist and Editor of American Pride Magazine
Entertainment Branding Specialist & creator of the Music Marketing Insider

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