The Latest 2016 July Updates for Youtube and Periscope

Today’s Updates from the show:
– YouTube is adding a live-streaming option to its mobile app
– I have a success story for you about 1 Youtube Musician who just snagged a Grammy Nom and a deal with Coca-cola
– I’m going to be letting you in on what YouTube Promised Advertisers at Its Star-Studded BrandCast 2016
– Periscope Update July 2016

8.1 New Music Monday: Listen to the broadcast:

YouTube is adding a live-streaming option to its mobile app, the company announced at the end of June a new feature that will allow users to broadcast live video from their mobile devices with the touch of a button. The company’s mobile streaming interface looks markedly similar to Periscope’s, with viewer comments scrolling up the screen over the broadcast, but YouTube says its existing infrastructure gives it an advantage over competitors, with streamers and their viewers able to search live broadcasts just as they can search recorded videos.

The introduction of the new feature came a day after live-streaming competitor Periscope had a moment in the sun. The Twitter-owned app was used to document a sit-in at the US House of Representatives after Republicans adjourned a session on gun control laws, a powerful use of the technology that showed something TV cameras couldn’t. Facebook, too, is investing heavily in live-streamed video, paying celebrities and publishers to produce live broadcasts that appear in user newsfeeds.

Even with this competition, YouTube says that in addition to providing better protection from unauthorized use, its live streams will also be “faster and more reliable than anything else out there.” But for now, YouTube hasn’t given a date for the feature’s arrival, promising only that it will be available to general users “soon.” In the meantime, only a handful of big-name channels will be able to broadcast live from their YouTube apps, including political news show The Young Turks and vlogger Alex Wassabi.


YouTube Lobbies to Steal Advertisers Away from Network TV at BrandCast 2016

The event was as much of a celebration of the digital video empire’s cultural clout as it was a direct pitch to steal even more dollars from traditional TV budgets.

YouTube now reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds on mobile devices than any TV network, and just a day earlier, Interpublic Group announced it plans to shift $250 million from traditional TV networks to YouTube between October 2016 and October 2017.

The time for testing if youtube works to build starts was over in 2013. It certainly has proven it’s value as YouTube stars continue to make the jump from the internet videos to marketing campaigns. Example: Andra Day, a 31-year-old singer who was discovered on YouTube, gave a powerful performance of her Grammy-nominated hit “Rise Up.” at the BrandCast 2016 Youtube event.  She represented one of many YouTube stars benefiting from both the visibility and brand sponsorships—she recently partnered with Coca-Cola to have her lyrics appear on 40 million cups at McDonald’s locations.


1. Brands can now buys spots for “Breakout” viral videos.
Google announced it is launching Google Breakout Videos, which allows advertisers to insert spots into the “hottest and fastest-rising” videos on YouTube in rear time, allowing brands to be seen sooner by viewers who are watching viral videos that wouldn’t otherwise be on marketers’ radars.

2. Programmatic advertising is now guaranteed on Google Preferred.
Upfront buyers will soon be able to buy Google Preferred advertising programmatically through DoubleClick Bid Manager, allowing media buyers to manage all video campaigns in the same place. For the first time, brands will be allowed to access their data to serve creative that’s relevant to the highest valued audiences.

The NBA is launching two virtual reality series on YouTube.
NBA will soon launch two series in virtual reality, allowing viewers behind-the-scenes looks at basketball legends and other relevant content. Also, YouTube announced that all NBA inventory will now be available through Google Preferred, allowing game highlights to show up in Google Search and across YouTube, letting brands access fans who now account for 700 million annual views.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver took the stage to talk about how basketball players around the world are using YouTube to keep up with games and plays from afar. Silver said 60 percent of its online views now come from outside of the U.S., with the largest international audience coming from the Philippines.

4. Sesame Street will now have its own channel for YouTube Kids.
Sesame Street will now have a new channel on YouTube Kids, which YouTube said now receives more than 10 billion views per year. The addition, called Sesame Studios, will feature new characters and popular YouTube stars in both short-form series and original stories.


Periscope Update July 2016

Periscope Update Brings Autoplay, Replay Highlights & More
Periscope, which is Twitter’s live streaming platform, has gotten a pretty big update in July.

One of the big features that arrived is called Highlights. The app now “automatically generates a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast.” This is useful if you find a Periscope broadcast that you may want to watch. These Highlights will help you decide if you do end up watching it or skipping it altogether. This can be particularly helpful for those broadcasts that are much longer than just a few minutes.

Another feature just added in the update, isn’t actually for the Android app. Periscope is allowing users to watch broadcasts in embedded Tweets. This is a feature that Periscope has had for a while on Twitter, where you can play broadcasts from Tweets on their site and in some apps. But now it applies to embedded Tweets you’d see on other sites. This is a big deal because it allows Periscope to become another tool for news. Seeing as users are able to live stream things that are happening, and media outlets can simply embed the Tweet with the Periscope broadcast included.

Finally, Autoplay has also come to the Android app. What this means is that when you open the app, and swipe over to the “Live” section of the app, the broadcasts will begin to autoplay – but it will be muted – so you can see what’s going on, before jumping into the broadcast. Helping you decide if you want to watch that live broadcast or not. This should also help users discover other streams to watch on Periscope.

These are all great updates from Periscope, which should help get more people interested in Periscope as well as helping their current users discover more content to consume on Periscope.