The Reality of the Music Business

A letter to an artist:
Take care of yourself.
The reality of this and any business is that it takes alot more than just 1 effort to build a company.

Find a pace that works and stick with it. No career was ever built on one song release nor 1 video, nor 1 produce release..

It takes consistency and time once the product is defined. The music must always be great but releasing it is just a beginning. It may seem like a finish line but it’s more of milestone.

Best example I can use is..
A fashion designer designs a dress. She works for months to perfect it. Picks materials, construction, manufacturing invests time and resources on brining it to market. Then theirs advertising and distribution, customer care and business management aside from just the creative.

Music is exactly the same. It’s a product that you must perfect and then figure out how to advertise and distribute it once you have it.

Then the cycle moves on to the next product and the next. As those cycles keep moving, you gain clients, and feedback, and seek opportunities to gain exposure.

Your constantly building your inventory as each person who gets on board will certainly want to review it all and hopefully see something they want to invest in via merchandise or products of the brand.

As an artist, you are your brand and people will want to buy pieces of you in some way partly as an investment in your career and partly because your message moved them.

I hope this helps with perspective and your long term verses short term decisions. A careful strategy is important but even more important is that you pace yourself like an olympic athlete for the long race.

Building a brand, developing a fan base and nurturing a career is no sprint. You have an obligation to yourself to stay balanced and healthy just as you have an obligation to your customers to deliver consistently.

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