Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Engagement and Timeline Views

Social media is constantly changing and if you want to use the tools to support your career and projects, you have to change with it. This year we have already seen many changes in the way facebook is sifting and filtering for the most valuable content in all the noise. With all this filtering happening, it’s really easy for even great posts to get missed even among the followers you have collected on your personal and public pages. Facebook helps to make up for this by asking you to purchase advertising on posts you think are the most valuable.

What if you can’t or don’t want to pay for your posts to be seen every day? How can you get your best and most creative facebook posts in front of more people and also into the timeline of your followers.

I have 3 awesome tested tips to help you see a huge improvement right away.

  1. Less posts with more value: Facebook is more about quality than quantity. Value is the key to attracting people to your pages and keeping them coming back. What kind of value? That depends on what kind of things your wanting to accomplish. If your building a brand, then shape your posts around fun things that support that niche. If your a music artists, then share posts that best reflect your thoughts, opinions and feelings. Use music, video and personal images with descriptive comments to get your message across. Bottom line here is be real and shoot from the heart. That’s never a bad way to roll.
  2. Share the Love: You really can’t expect any social media connection to be strictly one sided. If you don’t give then you’ll never receive and facebook is watching. Your followers will love you for sharing their posts, liking them and leaving comments. It improves your standing on facebook, the validity of their posts and makes you more memorable in the minds of your facebook friends.
  3. Respond: Every time someone likes, comments or shares your facebook post be sure to reach back to them on that post. The best way is to hit reply on the comment and tag the person by name. If you really want to take things to the next level. Get to know your audience and respond personally with a message to keep that conversation going. Remember if your not into it, people can tell and facebook is all about filtering for authenticity. As a rule, you should be doing what you can to entertain your crowd and make them smile.

Hope you enjoyed the tips. These are actually coming directly form my Facebook Masters Guide found here:

I’ll see you on social!