Top 5 ways to promote yourself on social media

How are you finding your balance on social media? If you feel like your not doing it right or perhaps your not seeing very much engagement, there are thousands of things you could be trying. The trick is to find the perfect fit for you to consistently keep up with while still publishing content that your audience with love.


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Top 5 ways to promote yourself on social media


When I’m helping a client to organize their strategy, I always start with the same first approach. How much time do you have and what’s going on in your life that you could document.

1. Documenting saves time and energy: if you can get into the habit of documenting your most memorable moments of creation or learn to share slices of your life with your social media pages, you’ll encourage a much more engaging social media page. Set a timer for 3 different times a day when you think you may be busy creating to remind yourself to post something in the moment.

2. Promotion vs personal life on social media
If you page has 80% promotional posts filled with “call to action” posts then you are going to fail miserably at attracting new people to your page and you’ll drive away what little followers are left who do like you. People aren’t on social media to be involved with your agenda, they are here on social media to connect, learn, discover and be entertained. As a creative soul you’ve got to find more ways to inspire people with your skills rater than throw them in people face. Mix some personal stories in with your announcements and flip the straight pomos to 10% of your feed unless you come up with really creative ways to mix the two. Think of how you can mix an inside peak into your life with your career.

3. How NOT to Waste time on social media
You’ve got to be careful NOT to waste time on social media just scanning news feeds be more purposeful by visiting people who you want to encourage and nurture relationships with by keeping lists of the pages that are both active and best for your future. You are what you hang with so associate with better people and you’ll naturally attract a better audience. Try to also reach out to 10 new people every day.

4. The worst thing to do on social media is…
to post something then not go back and answer the comments. Over time, people will stop returning to your page especially if they are following my advise from tip #3. Keep your page active by answering comments and visiting the pages of those who are most active with you. Every time you leave a comment on their page, they not only love you for it but that leaves tracks back to your page as well which helps you grow.

5. Be grateful
When you see a fan constantly showing up for you and always sharing your posts, find some way to reward them. Calling out special people in some way shows appreciation and goes a long way in building relationships with people who care about you the most.

At the end of the day, it’s all about polishing up your content strategy and being really creative to get around the algorithms as they change.

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