Turning Your Art into a Career – The Path of Indie Music Self-Discovery

Making Your Art into a Career – The Path of Indie Music Self-Discovery

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Art is beautiful thing. You can either just put it out there and see what sticks or make it a career. If you want to make it into a career, you have to think about how what you love fits into the world and why people would want to buy it.

Does what you offer entertain, fill a need, excite people? Is it useful in some way and is it original? Does what you create have more value that it’s competition and in what way? Is what you create tied to a powerful and trusted brand? If so what does that brand say to them?

Another important thing to understand is that the first few years is a discovery process to discover where your strengths are. For some of you, it will mean that your testing out different genres of music or styles. Your trying different vocal techniques to discover your best sound. Or your playing with different projects to find a style that fits you well and gets a positive reaction from your audience.

What’s Next:
Once you know what you do well, you have to decide to stick with it and map out a clear path of how your going to market your strengths, demonstrate the value of what you have and emotional tie an audience to it.

In order to build a brand, you have to really understand who you are and who your followers are. You must consistently talk to and create for the following you have built while being true to your heart.

Take a sheet of paper and wrote down 3-5 things you love to create or what your known for.

For instance, I’m known for:

  1. I love experiencing art
  2. I love inspiring others
  3. I’m excited to meet and be around creative people
  4. I love the challenge of brand buildings online
  5. I have an very inquisitive mind and love to learn things every day

Lifestyle: Does your current career path really fits what I love to do most.
Be careful that your brand fits your lifestyle and what you enjoy doing.
If you hate to travel, then being a touring music artist will we itself out fast. Touring can be exhausting. Build your brand online so you keep that natural balance.

Getting results:
If your doing the same things over and over again, not getting results, then you need to step back and look at what your doing and how your presenting that to the world.

Looks at stats on your facebook public page and your website to get an over view of what your brand looks like. Understand the delivery system that your using and consider what you may be missing.

You must always be re-evaluating what your doing until you start to see a level of success. Even when your successful, you will still then be considering if things are good like they are or do you still have another level of success to achieve to get to achieve what you now want.

The Difference between a logo and a brand

People are often getting confused between a logo and a brand especially in music marketing. Often musicians think that a cool and pretty logo or image clearly defines their brand.

The best way to get you to understand the clear differences between the two is to give you a quick definition of each.

A logo is..
an symbol or visual image that is a reproducible design element. It often includes a symbol, name, color or trademark. At a glance, a well designed logo should be unusual and unique. It should remind people of nothing else except the relationship with the brand it represents. Remember, it is a visual representation of your brand.

A Brand is…
 a feeling, an interaction, a marketing practice, a service, an inspiration and emotional identity being delivered to another person from you. A brand is a message that is clearly communicated between the company (you) and your customer or follower.

The differences: The best thing you can do to understand the difference between a brand and a logo is to try this simple test. If you removed your Logo from your marketing material, website or social media pages would you still be able to have a clear understanding of what your message is, who you are and what you stand for? Could someone new seeing you for the first time understand what they have discovered?
Ask yourself what they would see and understand from you at first glance without the logo, that is your brand. And if that’s not clear then you need to work harder at defining what that is consistently.

When combined together, a brand strategy and a logo help to effectively and efficiently reach your audience, communicate your message and your value. Together they should be synonymous with the benefits of why people need to follow you, why they need to come back to you and why they should buy what you have for sale.

Accomplish this and you are on your way to a great future.

Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio

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