Understand the difference between a personal video and a personalized video

Do you understand the difference between a personal video and a personalized video?

Although “personalized” and “personal” video may sound very similar, the truth is that they aren’t — and getting it wrong can mean the difference between brands building long-lasting, trusted relationships, versus confusing and alienating their audience.
The most recent trend of personalized video, which has emerged over the past few months, is when simple elements in a video (such as a recipient’s name) can be customized in real time for every individual they’re sent to. Vidyard and Idomoo are two examples of companies that provide this type of personalization. On the other end of the spectrum are personal videos that are designed to be viewed once, by one person — the antithesis of viral video marketing.
The reason why this personal approach works so well in video is because film is an inherently human and emotional medium. Having someone sit in front of a camera and make a video especially for you, not only demonstrates their willingness to invest time and energy into nurturing the business relationship, it also shows their desire to connect with you as a person.
The intention behind personalized video, on the other hand, is to scale the impact of personal video. However, it doesn’t work.
Nor will it ever work, because we’re simply too smart. As humans, we have spent our entire lives training to distinguish genuine interactions from generic ones.
Rather than trying to automate the impossible, you’ll reap greater rewards by recognizing the value of connecting with your customers through one-to-one communication on services like periscope or facebook live where you can speak to your audience and respond to them in real time without having to make personal one-on-one videos and without sending out automated videos that fake person contact.
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