Using Cross Promotion To Grow Your Social Media Following

Are you cross promoting?

There are many ways to cross promote. In fact, I have a spreadsheet filled with cross promotion tactics that I have tested and refined over my years on social media working with brands.
But aside from the refined strategies I still see many people NOT cross promoting with their content.
According to a Marketing study that I will be fully releasing in August, marketers employ an average of six different channels to engage consumers. However, consumers interact with brands on just two channels, while potential business customers interact with brands on four.
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Why do you need to widen your marketing structure? Simple..

1) Not all people are on 1 platform so if you can learn to reach people on the other platforms, you widen your customer base and reach.
2) You can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Although it’s important to master each social page you utilize, you can’t depend on only 1 for your source of business or connection. Technology moves quickly and todays social media page and reach will definitely be different tomorrow. You won’t want to be left behind.
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