Using Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your music and videos

Using Instagram Stories to Reveal Sneak Peeks of your story.

Sneak peeks of what’s coming up is perfect for instagram stories. These little bites provoke interest and enhance the connection between you, your projects and your fans.


I have used stories to promote music videos on youtube, projects outside the instagram app, blog posts and all kind of write stories I’m working on about artists and entrepreneurs .

Instagram stories is also the perfect place to create multiple collaborations with brands your working with.  Recently I posted stories about the new IK multimedia all-in-one portable studio they just released which helped me to push over 3,000 new views to my open box video on youtube.


I’ve also used stories for live streams and little video messages that don’t need to be in my main feed. I’ve found that this is a great space to drive traffic to the clickable link and also alert people of your front content.


With stories, you have a chance to take your followers (and prospective followers) on a more realistic journey of what’s happening in your journey—without the staged and beautified element that the general platform presents on the main 9 of every main account profile.



  • Posting a rehearsal session in the studio

  • A moment with your friends

  • The process of your art

  • An Instrument you love

  • Play a quick clip of your latest video

  • Exclusive footage on a video or photo shoot

  • Extra pictures from your last photoshoot that might not make it to your main feed


The choices are limitless– just think about a significant moment that your audience would normally not get a chance to see.

See you in stories..

Jacqueline Jax


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