Using Your Blog to Build a Stronger Music Brand and Share Your Music Video

Jaxscope Jacqueline jax marketing and bloggingBlogging is still a wonderful way to build a stronger music brand. Not only does your blogging help to establish credibility, it allows your to share content about things that are happening within your life and music brand. To get you started, I have a few basics to help you create great content around your projects and share that out on social media.

1) Build up the bulk of your content on your websites via a blog post.
Sample: If you have a new music video, share the video along with a back story about the video and photo’s taken from the making of your music video on a blog posts. Be sure to write a story around it with lots of fun “quotable” tweet length pieces that can be used to promote your post.

2) Make sure your main call to action is about joining the mailing list once people are on your site. The story should entice the followers to watch the music video but once on your website, try to direct people to follow you.

3) Share pieces of that content from the paragraphs within your blog out to social pages linking back to your blog post and music video.
Keeping those social pages populated with fun ideas like inspirational posts, words of wisdom from your heart, important announcements and photo’s and links back to your blog posts that offer some kind of important information or incentives for the visit.