Website Overhaul for Getting More Traffic

Original Question:
Hiya Jacqueline 🙂 I hope all is well with you! if you have a moment, id really like your valued opinion on my website. As a professional, can you tell me my pros and cons to help improve traffic ? if you can…. no rush… i read your social media write up and i love em… thanks good looking!! DJ Dave Live

Your website is built for someone who already loves you, not a new visitor that you want to impress.

The competition is fierce and if you want to gain more listeners you need to cultivate people into your email list so you can start speaking to them in a more connective way.

Love that you have an email opt in form right where everyone can see it but your going to have to really commit to work hard on this website to build a place people want to to be subscribed to and feel a need to come back to. That means you need to think about how you are providing value to your followers and why they need you.

Are you supplying music lovers with unique content? If so then what’s unique about it? Ask yourself, Why will I Jacqueline find my content valuable? Does your content fulfill a need or are you providing a resource that I must have access to?

Then once you figure out what you offer, you must define that specifically and with amazing media content. Easily accessible audio, visuals and multi forms of content.

Look at other websites for ideas and create a website list of features that you love about others websites such as logos, opt in presentation, media, navigation, live streaming widgets, social media, categories, placement of content, or even ideas for the content itself.

Once you have a list, prioritize what must be done first to get you moving. Then chip away at the rest as you continue with business as usual so you don’t interrupt what you already have going. Website building and tweeting is time consuming stuff so map out a plan of attack and develop it over time.

Best of luck!!