What to Expect from Targeting Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

jaxscope targeting your social media campaignMany people start marketing without a solid plan and get discouraged by lack of instant results. To help you get started today, I thought I would give you a couple of helpful tips to getting your campaign started with a bonus on what you can expect for the time you put in.

1. Define: You really have to define your “Call to action” and make sure that it’s specific. For instance, if you want to build up your twitter presence, then make sure all campaigns for that day or week clearly encourage new fans to follow you on twitter.

2. Clarify: By defining your “Call to action”, you will see a great result but you must be specific and enticing. Remember people who don’t know you aren’t likely to do what you ask just because your asking. You must give someone a valid reason to join your page if you want to achieve a decent success rate in any campaign. This is where you can get creative with your offerings and promises.

3. Incentives: Any great campaign needs an incentive. Offerings such as giveaways. information, solutions to problems or entertainment are all great ways to entice people to get on board with you.

4. Typical reach: 1,000 new fans per day with a solid social media campaign. This depends on your strategy. This is based on a moderate (3-4 hour) facebook, instagram and twitter hands on campaign. (you can easily increase the number with the purchase of facebook adds.)

I hope the tips were helpful. Be sure to catch me live on Periscope next time so you can ask your questions in real time. www.periscope.tv/jacquelinejax I’m on daily and you are always welcome. I also can be found on twitter. www.twitter.com/JacquelineJax