Why brand collaborations are so powerful

When done right, influencer marketing works. We see it every day. Someone talks about something they love and bam, we all go buy it.

If we like and respect the person telling us about it and they provide a link to it, then you show the love and use their link so they can earn a small percentage from the vendor.
Sometimes there is an affiliate link involved and sometimes the brand works it out differently but either way the influencer always have something to gain as this is their business and the reason they would utilize their valuable and carefully build platform to promote someone else business.
But how does any brand or agency looking to maximize the value of their influencer campaigns decide on which way to go?
Based on StyleHaul social data, it really does pay to work with influencers who are already immersed in the brand’s social community and culture.
For instance, I’m a musician, Music journalist and indie music radio show host so my community is of coarse filled with musicians, producers, labels, press agents, other radio hosts, managers, filmmakers, and entertainment entrepreneurs, etc.

My community has been established over years of relationships built through work and common ground. Knowing my community, I stick to brand that I already use and love. If there’s a new product out that fits for me and a company I’ve worked with in the past needs a press release, they know that they can present it to me based on my previous track record with them.



A little note from an experienced and working girl-boss :

As an influencer you need to always protect your brand by staying authentic and choosing items that you need and would love to use. Practical use brings the most value to the brand and also makes for the most interesting content for your community to enjoy.


That’s what makes a brand collaboration a win, win.

Your credibility is essential and keeping that voice is crucial to everyone involved so you never want to take your chances on burning your brand strength by endorsing something you don’t have first hand experience with.
Often brands will ask you to comment on their products without sending them to you for actual hands on experience. Never do this. You always need to have the product in hand first.
The most you could do if you are already involved with a company is talk about the excitement of getting the item to try but this would only be good if you have made plans to actually receive it. Establishing an arrival date prior to any announcement is really important in this process as having a flow and follow through on the timing can make or break the campaign and reduce the credibility of the influencer if they don’t deliver what they have promised.
You can’t talk about anticipating the arrival of a new product and then never show yourself actually getting and using it. That’s bad press for you and the brand because it leaves a story unfinished. Doing this kind of thing repeatedly will destroy your relationship with your audience and also make the company asking for the press release look bad. So keep the collaboration on track and deliver.
You also need to be careful to note to your audience that you are working with the brand. Being transparent is not only important, it’s a rule on all the social media platforms and you can get your account shut down if you don’t include disclosure. Check with each social page you are using for the rules on how you need to disclose any brand endorsement or advertisement.
When a brand chooses to work with an influencer, they tend to look for people already engaged with their brand, involved in the brands community and people with a similar target network. Make sure your a big supporter of their products before you think about asking to work with them and try to start with companies you already use.
You are probably advertising for thousands of brands already in your daily content and you don’t even know it so look at what your already doing and see how you can collaborate once or twice a month with that company. Just be careful not to over do it.
I can be reached through my website for future brand collaborations or questions: www.jacquelinejax.com/contact

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