Why you should have your own website

How do I feel about social media?

I love social media but I feel that each platform is now so large that in order to fight spam, trolls and fake news they have to close down the reach on everyone.

Sure they offer some fun and amazingly powerful tools like stories and live streaming which I use almost daily across different platforms (see list below) .

View my stories & Live Streams:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/JacquelineJax

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jacquelinejaxtv

Every day they have new computer generated algorithms that tighten up how far a post can reach and it works against the user of the page. It’s not fair to those who work hard to gain a following and play by the rules only to have their access to those people cut short at the will of the platform owner.

It’s important to always remember that these social media pages are essentially rented, not owned. So if Twitter or Facebook suddenly ceases to exist, all of your followers go with it.

For this simple reason, you should start with a website base you can call your own. Treat it as the hub where your fans can always find the most up-to-date information about you.

This should always be priority #1. An official website gives your fans a place online where they know they can find you, no matter which social networks come and go.

Another big benefit is that you can control what people see and experience on your own site. I’ve designed two websites for myself.

One for my work www.jacquelinejax.tv and one for my creative side www.jacquelinejax.com

My websites are there to entertain people but to also make them feel welcome and educate them. After years of creating carefully though out content, the average user spends 28 minutes on my site consuming several pages of content before leaving. I also have a high number of comments and emails coming directly from my website.

I use both sites to embed posts from social pages and I do link from it to social but I post all the most important content there first and I also know that no matter what I will always be in control of my future this way.

As long as my brand name is constantly introducing itself to new people and they are guided to my websites, I will always be in a safe position protected from what ever the future holds for those social media websites.

What’s in your future?
Are you building a brand and thinking ahead of what that needs to look like?


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