Typically it’s best to cover the anticipation of an new product as that gathers the most followers than an actual release on social media.

There’s something more mystical about anticipation especially if we offer people ways to follow your journey and help you create a posting strategy for building your support prior to the release.


I always feel that it works the best but many people only think about the more common “it’s here” announcement.
That’s actually so over done and people just don’t become a fan of the creator as intently in comparison.
If you want to stand out work with us on building a journey, not just an end result announcement.

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Top Tips for Building Your influence on Social Media

Having patience isn’t easy — building a following takes time

For most well crafted brand stories, it takes about two to three years before you see things taking off at levels that really make a difference.

To build a sizable following on Instagram, Facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube expect to put in those years of developing your voice before you hit a real stride. Understanding the platforms is half the battle and mastering how to post content is another major component.

When you first started, you should be targeting a smaller community and then expand to broader demographic slowly. You can’t just jump into the ocean and expect to be seen, it’s just too big. Instead make an impact in a smaller pond and use that community to slowly expand out into deeper waters.


Communication is crucial

If your not making the first move, it will never happen. I’m not talking about spamming or being aggressive with new people. I’m advising you to reach out to every person who reacts to your content by looking at who they are and developing that relationship. That’s where real growth happens.

Talk to your followers on each respective social media platform by liking and commenting on their content even more than you post. Consistency is really important in this currency as well.


Standing out with Your story

You have to become a great story teller. Building out your page as you work on a project. Provide history and future in your timeline. The most important advise I can give you hear is to not focus too much on advertising. Adverting posts just don’t work. People skip right over it.

Highlight what makes you different.


Partnerships and Collaborations

Don’t forget that relationships are the whole reason to build a social media following in the first place. Otherwise you should  just skip it entirely.

Develop relationships with people you admire and who are in perfect alignment with you and your goals. Share their content if it works for your following, just be careful not to flood your feed with too much. Less is more when it’s impactful and you have a purpose in sharing it.


Only partner with brands carefully selected with purpose and humanity in mind. When you slide into the “Buy this or buy that” mentality, it liquifies your brand and message yet most public pages are filled with it.


Think about it, who wants to voluntarily read a page filled with advertising about products you may or may not have experienced for yourself. That’s where story line and a slow build of experience really make for a more impactful and honest message.


If I receive free or paid products I always use them first and see if I like the product. If I start utilizing it, that’s what I talk about and only that. Other than opening a box so people can see what’s there, you’ll never see me advertising something I’m not actually using myself regularly and enjoying.

Why waste your time with anything else? You could risk advising a friend about a bad product and that’s a lost friend for ever. Do you really want to take that kind of risk with trust build over time?

Same thing goes for your own products. Evolve the creation story and give people a reason to want the product or want to experience the music for themselves.



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